Antoine Busnois

"This all-Busnois disc is an early music fan's delight, especially as performed by the four accomplished singers of the Orlando Consort, who convey both the purity of Busnois' music and the many surprises lurking within it."
—Dan Davis,

"...the centrepiece of this carefully designed collection, all of it beautifully sung by the all-male Orlando Consort, is the mass O Crux Lignum."
—Andrew Clements, Guardian Unlimited - March 2005

"The performances are what we have come to expect from the fine singers of the Orlando Consort: warm, vibrant, and precise...The fine performances of the Orlando Consort bring to life Busnois’ exquisite music, which has been underrepresented in recent recordings."
—Deborah Kauffman, Opera Today

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What am I listening to?

You are listening to Je suis aussi com cils qui est ravis, a ballade by Guillaume de Machaut for three voices. As Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel puts it in her excellent liner notes for The Single Rose, our most recent recording for Hyperion Records, it is “the song of one depleted by the ravages of love.” “My head is filled with no thoughts …. Save for those of my lady love,” laments the poet-composer. You can hear more on the Hyperion website, read the engaging liner notes, and order or download tracks or the entire album in a number of formats.