Fortune's Child  CDA68195

This is the fifth in our series. There are numerous recurring subjects in Machaut’s poetry, such as Reason, Faith, Desire, Love, and, as in the title of this CD, Fortune. But they appear not merely as sentiments, but instead as fully-formed characters with their own strong personalities that drive the narrative drama. Contrary to instinct, added power and directness comes from songs that deploy just a single voice – no accompaniment, nowhere to hide! – with a powerful message. Such is the magnetism of ‘Dame, vostre dous viaire’, an extraordinarily intense declaration of love from the singer to his lady.

Recording details: April 2016
Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom
Produced by Mark Brown
Engineered by David Hinitt
Release date: May 2018
Total duration: 60 minutes 39 seconds

‘As with previous volumes, the programming of this series is deeply impressive … the Orlandos project and enunciate Machaut’s French so well that one rarely reaches for the printed text. As to the vocal quality, the Orlandos’ house style is flexible enough to accommodate a full-throated approach, as in the polytextual pieces, where the individual voices seem to compete for attention’ (Gramophone)

‘As we have come to expect with this group, the performances are eminently professional and poised. The duet Riches d'amour is marvellously tuned and lithe, and several of the solo pieces … are sung with purity and precision’ (BBC Music Magazine)

‘It goes without saying that the performances of the Orlando Consort here easily maintain the high performance standards of the previous instalments … over the last three or four years I feel blessed to have become acquainted with these superb Hyperion recordings of Machaut—it has been well worth the effort’ (MusicWeb International)» More

‘The performers respond with unfailing commitment; the singing is distinctive throughout, and makes an especially rewarding experience … excellent recorded sound, and a comprehensive booklet note, with texts and translations, come as standard’ (Classical Source)» More

'I due rondeaux e le quattro ballades presenti in questo disco sono piccoli trattati poetici sulle virtù e sulle pene dell’amor cortese, di cui Machaut è stato uno dei più raffinati cantori, e con il quale l’Orlando Consort è entrato oramai in profonda e perfetta sintonia' (Giornale della Musica, Italy)

'Notevole è l’interpretazione del The Orlando Consort, ensemble britannico composto da quattro voci maschili: il controtenore Matthew Venner, i tenori Mark Dobell e Angus Smith e il baritono Donald Greig. Specialiste del repertorio medievale al quale hanno dedicato decine di registrazioni di grande livello, le limpide voci del quartetto si uniscono in un equilibrato impasto sonoro che ripropone in maniera assolutamente convincente un repertorio di grande fascino, con un’interpretazione all’altezza della grande arte di Guillaume de Machaut' (MedioEvo, Italy)» More

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What am I listening to?

You are listening to a commemorative motet, ‘Quis dabit capiti meo aquam’, by the composer, Heinrich Isaac (c1450-1517). Specifically, you will hear the last of the four sections of this beautiful piece, a lament on the death of Lorenzo de’ Medici in April 1492. It is one track from our latest disk, The Florentine Renaissance, produced by Hyperion records (DA68349), a rich and varied selection of secular and sacred music, an aural collage of the vibrant city of Florence in the early Renaissance.