Ockeghem - Missa de Plus en Plus & Chansons

"We've had to wait 450-odd years for a recording of Ockeghem's Mass De plus en plus and three come along at once. This superb recording by the Orlando Consort offers perhaps the most rounded picture of Ockeghem's art. If I am to give a personal preference then it goes to the Orlandos."
—Gramophone Magazine

"Despite the minimal numbers, the Orlando Consort makes a wonderfully rich and sonorous sound, gorgeously recorded in a warm church setting. For a single-disc introduction to this important and re-emerging Renaissance master, this is about the best to be had now".
—American Record Guide

"The four voices of the Orlando Consort are medieval and Renaisance music's equivalent of a fine string quartet. They sing Ockeghem's beautiful De plus en plus Mass as one and with immaculately gauged tuning."
—The Sunday Times

"This is a beuatifully and very sensitively performed disc that rivals any other Ockeghem quincentenary offering, and that's saying something as the field is so rich" —Classic CD

Deutsche Grammophon ( Archiv 453 419-2 )

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What am I listening to?

You are listening to a commemorative motet, ‘Quis dabit capiti meo aquam’, by the composer, Heinrich Isaac (c1450-1517). Specifically, you will hear the last of the four sections of this beautiful piece, a lament on the death of Lorenzo de’ Medici in April 1492. It is one track from our latest disk, The Florentine Renaissance, produced by Hyperion records (DA68349), a rich and varied selection of secular and sacred music, an aural collage of the vibrant city of Florence in the early Renaissance.