Worcester Fragments

"...a substantial contribution to the corpus of English medieval music available on disc...remarkable..."

"This must be recommended."

Récemment remarqué pour son interpretation fluide et limpide des motets de Phillipe de Vitry, l'Orlando Consort est en passe de conquerir une place de premier rang dans sa défense du répertoire médiéval anglais. Avec la plus parfaite justesse, les chanteurs alternent une émission vocale douce, presque fragile mais pleins de charme, dans les conduits et un débit plus marqué, renforcant le caractère quasi instrumental de leurs timbres..."
—Le Monde de la Musique

"Such a generous and varied sampling, most previously unrecorded, performed by sensitive singers who are both artistic interpreters and sensitive assimilators of the latest musicology............all this adds up to a major contribution to the medieval discography, as well as a fascinating listening experience."
—American Record Guide

Amon Ra 59

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What am I listening to?

You are listening to O tres piteulx / Omnes amici 'Lamentatio sancte matris ecclesie Constantinopolitane', a track from our latest release on Hyperion of music by Guillaume Dufay, one of the most important composers of the fifteenth century. It is a lament on the fall of Constantinople to the Turks in 1453. It's one of the group's favourite pieces, a gentle and affecting piece that features both French and Latin texts, the latter from the Book of Lamentations. You can hear more on the Hyperion website, read the engaging liner notes, and order or download tracks or the entire album in a number of formats.