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You may contact any of us individually using the e-mail addresses below. If you have a general question about repertoire or performance practice, we may want to use it in our Q & A section.

To submit a question for us to consider, please click here.

We have representatives in many countries and would be happy to pass on details. Please contact us initially at :

Matthew Venner


Mark Dobell

Angus Smith

Donald Greig

Charles Daniels

Robert Harre-Jones

North America

To inquire about booking The Orlando Consort for concerts in North America, please contact Donald Greig:

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What am I listening to?

You are listening to Ave mundi rosa, a piece from the fourteenth-century, typically English in its use of sweet parallel harmonies. It is the latest in our ongoing series of recordings for Hyperion, a survey of English choral music from the late thirteenth to the early fourteenth centuries. You can hear more on the Hyperion website, read the engaging liner notes, and order or download tracks or the entire album in a number of formats.