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If you have any queries about engaging the group, please use the form below. We have agents in several countries and, if appropriate, will forward your message. We handle all enquiries for the UK and North America ourselves.

If you want to contact us individually, please preface with our names, i.e. matt@, mark@, angus@ or don@, or use the contact form below, or simply click on our photographs below (I refrain from providing the addresses here in full to foil spambots.)

If you have a general question about repertoire or performance practice, we may want to look at our Q & A section.

Matthew Venner


Mark Dobell

Angus Smith

Donald Greig

Charles Daniels

Robert Harre-Jones

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What am I listening to?

You are listening to Je suis aussi com cils qui est ravis, a ballade by Guillaume de Machaut for three voices. As Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel puts it in her excellent liner notes for The Single Rose, our most recent recording for Hyperion Records, it is “the song of one depleted by the ravages of love.” “My head is filled with no thoughts …. Save for those of my lady love,” laments the poet-composer. You can hear more on the Hyperion website, read the engaging liner notes, and order or download tracks or the entire album in a number of formats.