Individual biographies

Mark Dobell (tenor)


Like many professional singers I started young, joining my father’s church choir at the tender age of six. I became a chorister at Westminster Abbey before taking up a music scholarship at Bedford School. Somewhere along the line I was encouraged not only to be a viola player but also a countertenor. Some might see this as a little cruel - I have often been the butt of related jokes - but the fantastic music department there helped me to ignore the insults and I was eventually awarded a choral scholarship at New College, Oxford.

With the help of my singing and music teachers at Bedford and New College, I left university with a job lined up at St Paul’s Cathedral in London and the slightly scary prospect of singing for a living. I now combine being a Vicar Choral at the cathedral with singing in various choirs and consorts, as well as performing solo engagements. I’m a member of the Ex Cathedra Consort and I feature regularly with other groups, such as the King’s Consort, the Monteverdi Choir, I Fagiolini, and The Cardinall’s Music.

When I’m not on tour or singing at St Paul’s, I like to spend time at home with my lovely wife, Julia. I enjoy gardening and photography and we both spend far too much time watching HBO series, with advice from Don who is a bit of an expert.


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